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  • "At-Home" Court Ordered Classes

    We are a In-Person Program Provider with multiple Brick & Mortar locations Nationwide. Currently in our 13th year with now over 8200 clients who have successfully completed and satisfied their court orders through our program. We are registered as an "In-Person" "At-Home" Court Program Provider and guarantee court acceptance or your money back. CourtOrderedClasses.com has been designed for individuals who need to take court ordered courses for court ordered requirements, at the request of their employer, or for personal reasons. Providing over 2 Dozen Programs and Assessments. Since 2007 The ONLY Nationally Accepted Provider for Online Court Ordered Classes.

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    Probation Approved Domestic Violence Anger Management BIP Courses
    Parole & Probation Department Supervisory Approved Provider
    Nationally Certified accepted Court Programs
    Our Satisfied Court Official Endorsments and Client Reviews & Feedbacks (1000+)

    Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Program In-Person Groups Certified Groups Daily - Multiple Times a Day

    WebCasted Classroom Groups

    These "live webcasted group meetings" adhere to and surpass all State standards and laws. COC has since been put to use by many Children's, Family, Drug and Criminal Courts throughout the Nation.

    Court Ordered Classes conducts Domestic Violence / Batterers Intervention assessments, anger management assessments, drug alcohol assessments, child endangerment assessments and provides counseling for the judicial system or court orders. 1 on 1 Assessments at Your Schedule

    Face to Face Assessments

    Provides an opportunity to speak one-on-one with an Intervention specialist, who will evaluate the nature of any problems a client is having & prepare documentation for the Court, State or Employer.

    Anger Management Drug Alcohol Awareness Program In-Person Groups Alumni Groups Multiple Groups each Week

    Alumni WebCasted Groups

    A Solid Base of Graduates that return to Web Groups. We know that One of the best ways you can sustain and support long-term recovery is to stay involved. They asked for it & We made it happen.

    Domestic Violence Victims Support Groups Trained Facilitators - Violence Victim Groups

    Anonymous Victims Groups

    Victim Support Groups provide a safe place to connect with other survivors who share similar experiences. Trained, empathetic counselors co-facilitate the groups in a safe and supportive setting.